10 tools for 23andme raw data analysis, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) data interpretation

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Which are the best tools to interpret your DNA raw data?

Some of the best tools to interpret your DNA raw data from companies like 23andme, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA and My Heritage are Promethease, Xcode Life, Genetic Genie, Strategene and GED Match. Some tools accept raw data from selected providers while others accept DNA raw data from almost all ancestry DNA companies.

So if you are one of those people who were curious about your ancestors and had to scratch that itch by getting a 23andme raw data analysis done for your ancestry results from one of the many companies that provide this service, what you probably did not know is that the ancestry testing companies test for hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, which hold far more information about your nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, allergy, etc. 

The best third party tools or companies providing DNA raw data analysis services are listed below:

Raw Data Analysis ToolPriceCategories covered
Promethease$10Health reports
Xcode LifeStarting at $10Health, Ancestry, Precision Medicine, BRCA1 and BRCA2, MTHFR, Carrier status
Genetic GenieVoluntary $10 donationMethylation and detox analysis
DNA LandFree. The genome data will be used anonymously for research purposes.Ancestry and lifestyle related traits.
GED MatchMostly free. Premium tools are also provided.Ancestry. Mainly for family matches using combined 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA database.
NutrahackerRanges from $40 to $85.Nutrient supplements, MTHFR, Carrier status
InterpretomeFreeAncestry and some heritable traits.
CodegeneFreeHealth, Nutrition, Fitness, heritable traits
Dr. Ben Lynch's Strategene$45Health, Nutrition, Methylation and Detox analysis
Livewello$20Nutrition and Precision Medicine
Enlis GenomicsFreeHealth


There are companies like Xcode Life and others that specialize in providing you various reports that you need based on the 23andme raw data analysis and from other ancestry data providers such as AncestryDNA.com or Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) or another test and got some information.

If you are actively researching about what else you can do with your 23andme raw data analysis, AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA, you must have come across some blogs that may have given you a list of names of various sites that use the 23andme raw data for analysis and interpretation. Some of these blogs have a lot of text and don’t allow for simple and quick comparison across companies. That is what I have attempted to do here in a table format. In the table below you will find companies that provide 23andme raw data analysis and interpretation services and the features they offer and how these features and price points compare across the various companies.

Some of these are free but very basic (you get what you pay for!), some charge a huge sum for elaborate fitness programs and some have a very reasonable pricing, yet some charge a subscription fee. So, happy choosing!

23andme raw data analysis interpretation tools

DIY- Do-it-yourself

Xcode Life Sciences Raw data analysis

Xcode Life is a global genetics and bioinformatics company which specializes in 23andme raw data analysis and analyzing raw data from all major international data providers such as 23andme, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), AncestryDNA.com, Helix.com among several others. Xcode provides a variety of expertly curated reports including 23andme health reports, nutrition, medication sensitivity (precision medicine), fitness, allergy, skin, personality and other custom reports starting from $10. These reports come with DNA raw data analysis and interpretation and specific recommendation for people with your genetic type. Counseling is also available, upon request. Xcode provides reports to individuals and professional practitioners such as physicians, surgeons, nutritionists, sports trainers, chiropractic and other professionals. Get your 23andme raw data analyzed here

Promethease 23andme raw data analysis

Promethease is a software program that was developed by SNPedia that can perform 23andme raw data analysis. It uses your 23andme raw data to generate largely disease based reports. You will get to know which mutation confers what risk. Promethease gives you a long disease report for a $5. Probably a little too detailed and quite technical for most people to interpret it themselves unless they have expert knowledge on polymorphisms, odds ratios, and biostatistics. This literature retrieval system that analyzes your 23andMe, FTDNA, or AncestryDNA.com raw data and then builds a report based on vast SNPedia database. Reports contain information about health, precision medicine as well as some other traits. The report gives you health information regarding your genetic risks for certain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. In spite of its popularity, the scientific rigor of Promethease is questioned often due to its reliance on SNPedia that is a Wikipedia-like repository of scientific literature. Promethease is liked for its low price ($5), but the usefulness of such overwhelming information that is quite technical in nature has been questioned.

A comparative analysis of reports from Promethease and Xcode Life


Athletigene 23andme raw data analysis

As the name indicates Athletigene does “athletic profiling” of the 23andme raw data analysis. They accept 23andme data and also offer their own kit which is quite expensive. They provide insights about the exercises that are best suited to you. This includes aspects of power, endurance, muscle type and recovery time. Athletigen has a team of researchers for analyzing and interpreting genetic data. They use a combination of current studies and their own research based on the samples they collect from the athletes they test. Their genetic tests reveal insights, such as a heightened risk of injury, nutritional demands and allow the fitness trainers of an athlete to adjust his or her workout plan and nutrition in accordance with these insights. However, it seems to be a report for hardcore athletes.  So, if you are a professional, this could be the report for you. If you are into professional sports, you may want to check our other blog comparing the top fitness genetic companies in the world, [here].

Genetic Genie 23andme MTHFR raw data analysis

Genetic genie provides a free methylation and detox report after 23andme raw data analysis. This tool uses your 23andMe results to perform a methylation gene analysis.  The site also provides a tool for a detox analysis which looks for defects in the cytochrome P450 detox enzymes.  This site uses the API from 23andme and this enables users to link their 23andme account to this service. Incorrect methylation leads to a wide range of serious medical conditions. This makes the methylation profile offered by genetic genie a good report. The detox profile looks at gene single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the cytochrome P450 detox enzymes, amongst others. The methylation report is detailed, but the detox report just displays a table without any interpretation. This is a free service but a voluntary donation of $5 is accepted.

A comparative analysis of reports from Genetic Genie and Xcode Life


Livewello raw data analysis

Their 23andme raw data analysis and interpretation reports focus on nutrition and health. After paying a one-time fee of $20 you get to keep your accounts for life and also get free app updates. But do take note that, other subscription charges are applicable on top of the $20 fee for basic access. You either get your report altogether or a monthly subscription for personalized 23andme health report and results in emails. The reports, however, lack some important genetic markers. These might be added to their service over time. Livewello generates health reports from raw data issued by laboratories including 23andMe, AncestryDNA.com, Gene By Gene, National Geographic, BioCore and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) for raw data analysis and interpretation.

Strategene 23andme raw data analysis

Gives you a 23andme raw data analysis report of what your polymorphisms are for methylation pathways similar to Genetic Genie. They recommend working with a physician to interpret your results like all genetic reports should.  Their reports are a little too complex to be of practical use to non-technical folks. However, it is recommended for those who have a keen interest in the science behind DNA testing. For those looking for easily understandable results, you may want to explore some of the other options given in this blog which give some ready-to-implement recommendations. That said, their report is much better suited to those with a medical or scientific background than consumers.

Enlis Genomics 23andme raw data analysis

The primary focus of this 23andme raw data analysis service provider is for educational purposes and not for direct consumer purposes. Their service, that caters to research scientists, focuses on analyzing DNA data to provide users with information about the health risks associated with specific genetic variants. The initial intention of developing this software is to allow researchers to analyze full genome files but they have then added a software program for personal use and a free genome report that is accessible directly from their site. Navigating through their many software products on their site it is not immediately noticeable as to where one should upload data for their free report or even that this option was available.

Codegen raw data analysis

Is a 23andme raw data analysis and interpretation tools service provider which gives you an exhaustive report. Their reports are easy to interpret and are curated from SNPedia. It offers tools to help you explore yourself and a report that runs for several pages. Codegen even covers psychological traits such as resilience, stress response, and empathy. The focus is mostly health related so this is your resource for insights about your risk for cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s disease.

NutraHacker raw data analysis

Provides some free features which are: A free detoxification and methylation analysis that will help clarify your nutritional needs. Free placebo tendency analysis report. A full report is $23 along with future updates. This website has several reports that you can buy on celiac disease, methylation, and carrier status. However, they accept raw data only from 23andme, so if you have raw data from other companies you need to spend $99 extra for a Nutrahacker report.

Interpretome raw data analysis

The Interpretome website does 23andme raw data analysis and accepts raw data from Lumigenix. Using Interpretome, you can access the genome-wide association studies (GWAS) database which contains much information about variations in genes and their attributes to diseases, enabling your specialist to take an informed decision on important matters such as your risk for type 2 diabetes, the appropriate level of your warfarin dosing or you can explore gene variants which alter your sensitivity to specific drugs and pills. You also receive information regarding genealogy and about the most likely populations that your chromosome might originate.

DNAFit raw data analysis

They provide DNA nutrition reports and DNA fitness reports or a diet and fitness combination report. The report is available online. Initially, the information does feel a bit overwhelming but reports do a good job in giving background and information relevant to the results. There is a whole page dedicated to explaining the science behind the test. This is fairly comprehensive, including not only a list of the genes analyzed in the test but information about each gene, how they chose which to include and how they came to conclusions about the different variants of each gene. There are clauses in their privacy policy about how it could be passed on as aggregated data to third parties for research with or without client consent according to DNA Testing Choice, a popular genetic testing company review website. If you are a hardcore athlete, you might want to consider this, but before buying, do check out our comparative blog on top 5 fitness DNA fitness report providers.

A comparative analysis of reports from DNAFit and Xcode Life


Lifenome raw data analysis

One of the newer companies that provide 23andme raw data analysis and interpretation tools. They offer a variety of personalized wellness reports, based on 23andMe, FTDNA, Helix or AncestryDNA data. Their report display pre-disposition summary at the beginning for a quick look at all your traits for the module and your probable risk. They do not provide health reports.  There are six report options available: NutriNome, which would provide information relating to nutrition; FitNome, which was about fitness and training; SkinNome for skin-related traits; AllergeNome, for allergies and sensitivities; PersoNome, for personality based traits and Total Insights, which includes all of the previous reports for 20% less than if buying them all separately. Results may be viewed online on both desktop and mobile or be downloaded as a PDF file. There is an option to connect directly to 23andMe or to upload a Family Tree DNA/Ancestry DNA file from your system.


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