Data upload instructions for buyers of Xcode Life Health reports

If you have placed an order for Xcode Life Nutrition, Health and other reports at, please read this document for Ancestry DNA Test raw data upload instructions

NOTE: The instructions below apply to 23andme,, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA, National Geographic and all other major ancestry DNA test raw data providers.

*If you have just placed your order with 23andme or another company, it may take about 6 weeks or more to get your raw data. Please wait until you receive your results from 23andme before proceeding to upload data on our site.

Once you have downloaded your DNA raw data from your ancestry DNA report provider, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1– Place your order on for Xcode Life Health reports of your choice

Step 2– Await order confirmation from Xcode Life

Step 3– Send your raw data file in .zip or .txt format to

Step 4– Your results will be emailed to you within 12-24 hours after you send us your raw data files.

Please ensure that you send us “All DNA data”.


Please refer to the links below for help on how to download your DNA raw data from ancestry websites :