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October 9, 2017

Promethease Vs Xcode Life Sciences: How to choose between 23andme raw data health report providers

You recently took your ancestry genetic test from 23andme or Family Tree DNA or AncestryDNA or living DNA or a variety of other service providers. Now, you want to learn what more your genetic raw data has to offer besides your ancestry. You also came to know that more than one company offers Nutritional and health genetic reports and you are stuck deciding which company to go with. Let’s face it. When it comes to buying anything we need to compare. Particularly, something as sensitive as your personal genetic information, needs a lot of consideration.

Promethease is a well publicised do-it-yourself (DIY) tool for Health genetic information. Below we compare the pros and cons of Promethease with another popular genetic raw data health report provider, Xcode Life Sciences.


Ranking as per


U.K- #4

U.S.A- #7

U.K- #25

U.S.A- #19

DescriptionXcode Life Sciences is a global genetic testing company. They specialize in a variety of genetic reports such as Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Skin, Allergy, among several others using raw data pretty much from any Ancestry company.Promethease is a freeware computer programme that was developed by SNPedia. It uses your genetic raw data to give you largely disease based reports.You will get to know which mutation confers what risk
Genetic raw data accepted from
  • 23andMe
  • Ancestry.com
  • Family tree DNA
  • Helix.com
  • Living DNA
  • DNA land
  • Genes for Good
  • My Heritage
  • And others
  • 23andMe
  • Ancestry.com
  • Family tree DNA
  • Genos
  • DNA land
  • Genes for Good
  • My Heritage
  • WeGene
Ease of usage of reportTopic  specific reports such as Nutrition, Allergy etc are provided.

You don’t need expertise to interpret the results as they are expert curated. Specific recommendations are provided based on the genotype outcomes.

Promethease results are do-it-yourself. This means that unless you are highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of SNPs and statistics, the process of interpreting their report can be cumbersome. Recommendations are not provided. Report is disease risk focused.
RecommendationsThe report includes specific recommendations developed by a panel of experts.Disease risk is communicated but no recommendations provided.
Genetic CounselingThey provide genetic counseling services to help clients/patients to understand the report correctly.Genetic counseling services are not provided.
Focus areasNutrition, Fitness, Health, Precision Medicine, IVF, Skin care, Ancestry, Weight Loss, Methylation and detox analysis, Allergies and others.Promethease primarily focusses on Precision medicine and disease risk.
Organization of the reportThe report is topical. The results are presented in a modular way. Example health, nutrition, fitness, Allergy etc. The report is not segregated based on topics. You get to know which variants you carry and the odds ratio of developing the specific disease.
Price $10$5
Turn-around-timeSame day – 2 daysSame day


As a take-away, if you want information on diseases with specifics like odds-ratio and comfortable enough to interpret them, go for Promethease. On the other hand if you want topical, actionable, expert curated reports with recommendations, go for Xcode.

Happy DNA testing!

James Watson
Xcode is a pioneer in personal genomics, focussed on enabling personalized preventive healthcare. We are dedicated to empowering physicians, wellness professionals and customers with the most validated, accurate and actionable genomic information to positively impact and improve their client's health and quality of life.