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Carve your own path to the future

The secret to achieving your dream lies in your DNA. Decode your DNA to carve a bright future for yourself. If you are not yet 18, you can seek your parents’ help on the right path to take. Get science to work for you.

- Career development
- Nutritional wellness
- Sports potential
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Career Development

- Leadership potential
- Self-esteem
- Intelligence and IQ levels
- Creativity
- Entrepreneurship potential
- Reading ability
- Math ability
And 15 more...

Nutritional wellness

- Body mass index
- Bone mineral density
- Vitamin needs
- Omega-3 and Omega-6 needs
- Calcium needs
- Magnesium needs
- Tendency to overeat
And 33 more...

Sports potential

- Flexibility
- Handgrip strength
- Likelihood of fatigue
- Lung capacity
- Power
- Endurance
- Exercise recovery
And 10 more...

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Traits & Personality

Career development

Choosing a career path is not an overnight decision. Numerous studies have shown that people who make early career plans are more likely to see greater success and career satisfaction, than people who blindly follow the herd.

We understand that you want your children to have a bright and happy future. And we are here to help you start planning early. Xcode Life analyzes more than 20 career development traits from your DNA.
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Nutritional wellness

Get in-depth insights and personalized diet recommendations for your child. Food is the fuel for a well-functioning body.

The human brain requires 20% of the body's energy for optimal functioning. Help your child to make healthy food choices early in their lives. 
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Sports potential

Did you know:  In 2011, 32 Kalenjin runners finished a marathon faster than 2 hours, 10 minutes, whereas only 17 Americans managed to do so historically?

History is full of examples of legendary sportspeople making use of their genetic advantages to outshine their talented peers.

Make sure that your child understands his/her genetic advantages and limitations.
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How It Works

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Order your kit

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Collect Your Sample

Follow the simple instructions in this video on how to collect your saliva sample.
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Discover Yourself

Your results will be available in 4-6 weeks. Login to your account and start discovering yourself.
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