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At Xcode we want people to realize their dreams and help build a better world. If you are passionate about genetics and share our passion to uncover the best of what genetics has to offer to help people make informed decisions about their health and wellness, then you will feel at home at Xcode.

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We at Xcode

Are a bunch of scientists, engineers, writers, designers and maverick marketers in awe of the DNA. We know the wonders it can do for humanity and want the rest of the world to benefit from it. We value integrity and team-work as foremost attributes necessary for scientific excellence.

Using advances in Genomics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and domain knowledge in health and wellness, Xcode is building comprehensive personalized solutions for clients across clinical and non-clinical segments.

We need people who are driven, passionate, detail oriented, goal oriented, have clear goals for themselves, willing to take risks, learn from mistakes, learn fast, inquisitive, curious...if you have these then just knock!

Current openings

Post graduate degree holders with expertise in the following areas: