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How To Analyze DNA Raw Data

The vast majority of the people are trying to analyze DNA raw data results from ancestry genetic testing companies like 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), Living DNA etc., and other raw DNA data providers. However, they are completely unaware that their raw DNA data also contains vast amounts of other information.

These companies do not perform genome sequencing. They instead use microarray genotyping to get ancestry and health information. This may be about their health aspects such as diet, nutrition, obesity, diabetes, fitness, allergies, weight loss, detox analysis, skincare etc.

Those who are aware are mostly familiar with Promethease, an SNPedia-based literature retrieval system. Promethease reports gained popularity after the FDA ban on 23andme providing health reports to customers. With the FDA ban, there was a huge demand for alternative 23andme health report providers. Promethease report was positioned well to benefit well from this development.

Fast forward to 2018, the landscape of alternative health report providers and third-party tools has matured significantly. A number of options are available to people with 23andme raw data and data from other ancestry DNA test providers. These options are well covered in our recent blog titled 10 Amazing Tools For 23andme Raw Data Analysis.

In this blog, we address, what more and what else you can do with your ancestry DNA test raw data? This blog will open up a number of possibilities to those who wish to explore their raw DNA to the fullest.

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I. Health Reports

DNA Raw Data analysis

This is a concept most users of 23andme are familiar with.

Arguably, this is one of the motivations for people to opt for DNA testing services from 23andme in lieu of, FTDNA and other ancestry companies.

23andme used to provide a health report before the FDA ban on their health results.

23andMe now provides a significantly scaled down version of the DNA health reports which are approved by the FDA for $99. However, a lot more health info can be gained from the ancestry DNA test raw data that you obtain from 23andme. Health conditions like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and obesity are all manageable and very much preventable when detected early.

A number of genetic markers have been discovered for a variety of other health conditions, ranging from cancer to autoimmune conditions. Learning about your genetic predisposition helps you keep a tab on early symptoms and take preemptive action.

A comparison between Xcode Life and Promethease as third-party tools for raw data analysis have been done previously.

II. Nutrition Insights

Nutrition has a profound impact on human health. Several aspects of nutrition are genetically influenced. Macronutrient metabolism, micronutrient requirements, food intolerances like lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance are familiar to many people.

However, there are several more aspects that are genetically influenced. Third party raw data analysis tools will help you interpret your raw DNA data to get these results.

Once you understand your genetic nutritional tendencies, you can align your dietary habits accordingly. Your genetic data will help you eliminate many of the genetic food intolerance and sensitivity related symptoms. These are a useful set of insights to get from your ancestry DNA test genetic data.

Get your nutrition genetic report from your DNA raw data here

III. Fitness Reports

Human physical attributes are clearly genetically influenced, for example, height is largely genetic, so is wingspan and flexibility, etc.

Several other attributes such as red blood cell count, heart capacity, lung capacity, muscle strength,  all are significantly genetically influenced.

Additionally, whether you are largely built for endurance type of activities or sprint or powertype activities is also genetically influenced. So, whether you are an amateur or professional sportsperson, all you need is your DNA raw data.

Fitness reports generated by analyzing your raw DNA data will help you align your activities with your genes.

Get your fitness genetic report from your DNA raw data here

IV. Allergy Reports

Those of us who are allergic to anything can relate to the nightmarish experience that seemingly harmless entities can cause. Allergy information can also be extracted by a raw DNA data analysis.

Close to 20-25% of the adrenaline administrations in schools happen because the allergies were unknown at the time of the reaction. More than 170 foods have been found to instigate allergic reactions in the body. Some of the common food allergies come from milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and crustacean shellfish. You can learn about your susceptibility to these allergens by analyzing your ancestry DNA raw data. These are only food allergies. An estimated 10% of the population is allergic to objects like pollen, animal dander, droppings of cockroaches and contact with dust mites.

Learning about your allergy susceptibilities can be life-saving. And it is as simple as a raw DNA data analysis. You can now extract this information about your allergy predisposition from your ancestry DNA test raw data.

Using hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific literature third-party tools examine genetic markers corresponding to each type of allergy. Based your variant gene, your body is at a higher or lower risk of invoking an exaggerated response to an allergen.

This keeps you alert. Also helps you take proactive measures like avoiding certain foods, saying no to tattoos.

Other forms of allergies covered in a genetic report are misophonia and histamine intolerance.

Get your allergy genetic report from your DNA raw data here

V. Skin Reports

Skin is one of the most dynamic organs in the body. It interacts with environmental agents like sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), pollutants, chemicals and internal factors like hormonal regulation. Maintaining skin health would require knowledge of your underlying genetics.

For example, each of us will display a different kind of reaction on exposure to light. This information can be extracted from your ancestry DNA raw data. Some skin types are immune to strong light but others develop rosacea characterized by red skin eruptions. This is often misdiagnosed as acne and hence becomes worse over time because it is not given specific treatment.

Another example is the development of cellulite or orange peel syndrome that manifests as skin dimpling and nodularity. This is common in the abdomen and pelvic regions. Cellulite affects about 85-98% women. Your susceptibility to cellulite is influenced by the type of gene variants you have in your raw DNA data results.

Even how much you tan is genetically influenced!

Now you can see why generic face creams and medications fail no matter how many times you change brands.

Analyzing DNA raw data will give you skin insights which will help you treat and manage skin conditions. Or just maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Get your skin genetic report from your DNA raw data here

VI.Precision Medicine Reports

According to industry statistics, on average more than 50% of medications prescribed today do not benefit those who take them.

Precision medicine through genetics promises to deliver right drug at the right dose to the right patient using your personal DNA data.

Doing a DNA raw data analysis will help you learn about your genetic polymorphisms. Specifically those that impact the majority of the drugs you consume on a regular basis.

And what do you need for getting this precious information from your DNA  data? Once you analyze your DNA raw data you can download the raw data DNA file. This has most of the information necessary to create your precision medicine drug sensitivity report.

Download your DNA files from the following genetic testing companies now:


Ancestry DNA

Family Tree

Analyze your DNA raw data with caution

Please bear in mind that the vast majority of human traits are not influenced by a single gene. Rather, they are a combination of smaller effects produced by a number of genes. When you order a report from any DNA testing service, you must bear in mind that these are based on likelihood. This means that the effect was observed on a group of individuals, who also happen to carry the same genetic variants.

Whether or not you will see the same effect is dependent on a number of factors, the science of  which has not been fully mapped out yet. So, use this information in that context and do not be alarmed when you see concerning information.

Genetics should be considered as additional information to be added to your analysis, not a diagnosis.

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Did I miss out any other application? Drop them in comments below.

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