Aerobic capacity – your fitness monitor

Regular exercise improves the functioning of the heart and lungs and translates into increased fitness levels. It allows more oxygen delivery to body tissues by improving the aerobic metabolism.

The aerobic capacity is measured by VO2 max. VO2 max was first introduced by the Nobel Prize winning physiologist AV Hill in 1923, and is defined as the maximum rate at which our heart, lungs and muscles use oxygen during exercise. Various genes regulate how exercise affects our VO2 max i.e. aerobic capacity, which in turn is an indicator of our fitness level.

Regular exercise is the key to improving your fitness level. Your exercise response in improving fitness level is largely dependent on your body’s ability to transport and utilize oxygen which is determined by various genes. The VO2max increases in response to exercise. Analysis of mutations present in certain genes that affect VO2 max (in response to exercise)will help us understand our body’s fitness level in the context of aerobic capacity better, and thereby opt for fitness programs that take this into consideration.


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