Benefits of proper sleep

Sleep! It Prevents, it Cures!

A good night’s sleep can do wonders to your health, both physically and mentally. With increasing work pressure and a busy lifestyle, people are left with no time for the basic needs of the body. 7 hours of sleep must become a necessary part of the everyday routine irrespective of how busy one may be. Sleeping well can relax your entire body and prepare you to face the new day.

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Reasons why you should get proper sleep

  • Better concentration
  • A good sleep will ensure that you give your hundred percent to the work you are involved in Sleep well to be able to concentrate better on work every day .
  • Sleep is a weight watcher! Helps you keep your weight intact.
  • Lack of sleep slows your metabolism and will make you gain weight. If you sleep well, you can prevent weight gain. Avoid obesity by sleeping well.
  • A good Sleep is a mood lifter too. It reduces irritability and mood swings.
  • Nothing can make you grumpier than a sleepless night. If you have not slept well, you will be irritable, tired and in a bad mood. It can also hinder your problem-solving capacity and creativity. You will also have better decision making capacity if you are well slept.
  • You will look fresh and attractive. The “Sleeping beauty” phrase didn’t pop-up without a reason.
  • Sleeping will make you look healthier and more attractive. Sleep deprivation can cause dark circles and dullness of skin, making you look like you are having a bad hair day.

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You will have a longer life- span

  • If you are sleeping less hours every day, you are probably having a shorter lifespan.
  • You will have better athletic performance ability.
  • A good sleep will make you quicker and sharper. You can be a good sportsman if you are sleeping at least eight hours a day.
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You will be stronger

Lack of sleep will restrain your immune system and you will be more vulnerable to infections. You will pick colds and flu easily if you are not having a good night’s sleep.

  • Sleep gives you a healthier body.
  • Many disorders like heart disease, diabetes and mental disorders etc. accelerate with lack of sleep. Hence hit the pillow and stay healthy.

When there are so many benefits of sleeping, it is high time that you practice sleeping for a good eight hours to be fit and enthusiastic.