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April 12, 2013
Obesity and Genetics: variations in FTO, APOA2 and APOA5 genes
May 14, 2013

Janampatri to genomepatri, the leap forward in predicting future

Janampatri to genomepatri

In astrology and janampatri-crazy India, a Hyderabad-based company called Mapmygenome has launched GenomePatri, a scientifically-validated personal health horoscope charted by mining one’s genetic profile

Mapmygenome’s cleverly-named GenomePatri is only one of a rash of recently-launched personal genetic mapping services. In the past months, a proliferation of Indian companies are offering prognostic tests to decode DNA based on a simple saliva sample and lay bare the health risks a person could have inherited from parents and ancestors. For a fee ranging from Rs 9,999-25,000, these companies analyse a person’s predisposition to diseases, risks accrued from diet and lifestyle factors and drug responses.


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