Knock out diabetes, heart conditions and high BP for your family

What are lifestyle diseases?

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A disease associated with the way a person or group of people lives. Lifestyle diseases include atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke; obesity and type 2 diabetes; and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse

What causes them? Are they preventable?

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image_previewGenetics, Diet and lifestyle are major factors thought to influence susceptibility to many diseases. Consumption of energy-dense diet rich in simple carbohydrates and trans-fatty acids as well as a lack of physical activity (sedentary lifestyle) alongside smoking and drinking increase the risk of developing certain diseases.

Several scientific studies across many countries have shown that lifestyle conditions such as obesity, type2 Diabetes, High BP and heart conditions are preventablethrough dietary modulation and physical activity.

What is the status of lifestyle-related chronic conditions in India:

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  • 100 million people in India have high BP
  • 2 out of 3 Indian employees report high stress
  • High BP and stress account for more than 50% of heart ailments
  • India has the largest number of heart patients in the world
  • Many more such statistics are widely available
  • Fortunately these are preventable.

What is the cost of not preventing Lifestyle diseases?

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The combined economic burden of preventable lifestyle conditions is $6 trillion. Add to it the emotional burden to families and caregivers. This economic cost to individuals is preventable through nutri-genetic and lifestyle modifications

What can I do to prevent these conditions to myself and my children?

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Proper nutrition and image-img-620-highphysical activity have been shown in many scientific studies to prevent the development of chronic conditions and to lessen the effect of pre-existing conditions.

However, the nutrition and physical activity advice available today is generic, meaning, the same advice is dispensed to everyone. These regimes benefit some much more than others. In contrast, genetic nutrition and fitness recommendations are uniquely developed for the individual and ensure maximum benefit to the individual.


Genetics based intervention:

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Various genes play a key role in how our body metabolizes specific foods and how we respond to specific exercises. We are all not the born the same way.

Through a saliva test, Xcode is able to understand your specific nutritional and fitness compatibilities and develop a program specifically for you so that you can protect yourself and your family from preventable lifestyle conditions and stay fit and healthy for a hundred and beyond.