Beat that binge with mindful eating
July 18, 2014
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July 18, 2014

Healthy eating to your heart’s content

A meal comprising half of the suggestions below, makes a wholesome you.
Colourful fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and all other colourful must colour half your plate.

Whole-grains like wheat bread, brown rice, and bulgur, and buckwheat, oatmeal to replace all refined grain products.

Milk which is fat-free or low- fat (1%) is the best option. Provides the essential amount of calcium and nutrients and cuts the calories and saturated fat.

Lean proteins  and leaner cuts of meat are better. 90% lean or higher. Go in for peas, dry beans eggs, nuts and seeds.

Water flavoured with a dash of lime or lemon is the elixir of life! Stay away from soda, energy and sports drink and cut the calories and sugar.

The Big ‘NO’. To cakes, cookies, ice-creams sausages, bacon, hot-dogs and ribs.

Fish and shellfish varieties ensure a good supply of protein, omega 3 and minerals. Include salmon, trout and tuna or crabs, mussels and oysters

Wonder foods for the heart


Its fibre, folate and high magnesium content reduces inflammation and cuts down the heart disease risk by 82%.

Red wine

The polyphenols in wine guards the heart from cardiovascular disease, increases good HDL cholesterol.



One look at a fridge can read like the health report of a family.

Chilled green tea boosts the immune system and flushes toxins.

What makes these steps so terrifically effective is its simplicity without compromising on the taste buds and of course the budget!




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