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August 2, 2017
Know Your Genes: APOA2 “Weight Gain Gene”
August 2, 2017

Know Your Genes: CAT “Anti-oxidant 2 Gene”

The Catalase (CAT) gene is associated with the synthesis of catalase, an enzyme found to be associated with the conversion of superoxide (O2-) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It is a heme enzyme and is present in the peroxisome of almost all aerobic cells.

Superoxide is formed in the body as a byproduct of oxygen metabolism and it can result in damage to the cell. Catalase is one of the important antioxidant enzymes in the body.  People with the T variant of the gene are shown to be associated with lower catalase activity.

Association with Antioxidant needs:

In a study conducted on people with prostate cancer, people with the T variant of the gene were shown to be associated with advanced stages of the disease when compared to people with the C variant of the gene. The rare variant (T) is found to be associated with lower catalase activity which may lead to deficient antioxidant protection against oxidative stress, potentially increasing the risk of disease.







[Advantage] More likely to have higher antioxidant activity

[Advantage] More likely to have lower risk for diseases

  • Include sufficient amount of antioxidant rich food in the diet
CT Moderate antioxidant activity
  • Since this genetic type is associated with decreased antioxidant level, consuming a diet rich in antioxidants is recommended.
  • Lycopene found in tomatoes, watermelon and papayas is an important antioxidant and, since it is not water soluble, cooking tomatoes in oil will help improve absorption.
  • Other foods rich in antioxidants are artichoke, kidney beans, cranberries, wild berries and dark chocolate

[Limitation] More likely to lower antioxidant activity

[Advantage] More likely to have higher risk for diseases





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