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August 1, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Know Your Genes: IL-6 “The Inflammation gene”

The Interleukin-6 (IL-6) gene is associated with the synthesis of IL-6, which is a multifunctional cytokine that regulates immune responses such as inflammation. Specific alleles of this gene are known to either increase or decrease the levels of IL-6 during and after exercise. People with the G variant of the gene are found to synthesize more IL-6 which affects postoperative stiffness.

Association with Postoperative stiffness:

Rotator cuff injury is found to occur due to certain sports related activities that require repetitive activity of the rotator cuff. Once there is damage to the rotator cuff, it needs to be surgically corrected as the rotator cuff has limited ability to heal back fully. Postoperative stiffness is a condition that could occur post surgical intervention. In a study on people post surgery for rotator cuff injury, people with the G variant were found to be significantly associated with an increased risk for postoperative stiffness.

Association with Cardiovascular Diseases:

IL-6 has been shown to be associated with the risk for cardiovascular diseases. People with the C variant of the gene were found to be protected from cardiovascular disease when compared to people with the G variant in a Mexican population.  People with the GC genotype had a 2.19 fold increased risk for acute coronary syndrome when compared to people with the CC genotype.  






[Advantage] More likely to have lower risk of postoperative stiffness

[Advantage] More likely to have a lower risk for acute coronary syndrome

  • Warm ups and stretching before workouts are important to avoid injury. Recuperative therapies such as massages can help.
  • Increased level of inflammation- Intake of 3g of omega 3 is recommended to lower levels of inflammation

Moderate risk for postoperative stiffness


[Limitation] More likely to have higher risk of postoperative stiffness

[Limitation] More likely to have a higher risk for acute coronary syndrome

  • Likely better at power sprint performance
  • Lower risk of injury allows you to remain active and train often.
  • Normal level of inflammation- Additional intake of omega 3 may not be required





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