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August 1, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Know Your Genes: NBPF3 “Vitamin B6 Gene”

The Neuroblastoma Breakpoint Member 3 (NBPF3) gene is associated with the synthesis of NBPF3, a hormone found to be associated with the clearance of vitamin B6 from the body.

Vitamin B6 is necessary for the proper functioning of the neurological system, red blood cells and also in sugar metabolism.  This water soluble vitamin, called pyridoxine, can lead to anemia, if present in low levels. Other symptoms of low vitamin B6 levels in the body are fatigue, inflammation of the tongue and mouth, cracks at the corner of the mouth and hyper homocysteinemia.

Association with Vitamin B6 levels:

In a study on nearly 2800 individuals, people with the C variant of the gene were associated with lower levels of vitamin B6. There was a per allele reduction of 1.38ng/mL- 1.45 ng/mL of vitamin B6 levels in the body.

The reduction in the level of vitamin B6 among people with the C variant of the gene was shown to be associated with greater clearance of vitamin B6 from the body.

Vitamin B 6 is absorbed from the jejunum in the body and the normal level of vitamin B 6 is 20nmol/L.





TT[Advantage] More likely to have normal levels of serum Vitamin B6
  • Ensure sufficient intake of vitamin B6 rich foods in the diet.
TCModerate reduced serum Vitamin B6 levels
  • You may need more than the recommended daily requirement of 1.3mg of vitamin B6
  • Include foods rich in vitamin B6 like beef liver, organ meats, fish, potatoes and other starch rich vegetables
CC[Limitation] More likely to lower serum vitamin B6 levels



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Amrita Surendranath
Amrita Surendranath
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