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June 24, 2013
Pharmacogenetic testing and the benefits of personalised healthcare
July 15, 2013

You are what you eat

Our genes affect our response to food and the food we eat affects our genes

We all are aware that good diet and exercise are paramount for a long and healthy life. By the same token, over the last century nutrition scientists have been puzzled with the marked differences in individual response to dietary factors, raising even major controversies in the field. Should we or should we not try to be good guys and eat healthy? We definitely know that the mystery and the answer lie in our genomes. Some of it is already available to us, whilst a lot more is evolving rapidly.

Personalised Nutrition

Let us analyse “You really are what you eat”. The bottom line is that our genes affect response to food (nutrigenetics) and the foods we eat affect our genes (nutrigenomics). Nutrigenomics unravels the optimal diet from within a series of nutritional alternatives, whereas nutrigenetics gives critically important information that assists clinicians in identifying the optimal diet for a given individual, that is, personalised nutrition.

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