3 out of 4 Indians are unable to digest milk.

To check for Lactose Intolerance and learn about healthy alternatives.
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Recognizing Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

Here are common symptoms that can help you identify if your child suffers from this condition.

Saliva-based, Non-Invasive Lactose Intolerance DNA test

Lactose intolerance genetic test is a new and innovative form of test for lactose intolerance. Genetics can play a major role in several health factors including lactose intolerance. By testing the gene MCM6 from saliva samples, it is now possible to test your child for lactose intolerance.

A child who is lactose intolerant may still be able to consume lighter milk products such as yogurt, butter and ghee, as well as lactose-free milk which is now easily available. With lactose intolerance genetic test you can identify risk factors ahead of time, even in the absence of symptoms, thus acting as an advance alert for your child's health and development.

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