Chennai based start-up Xcode launches lifelong wellness program
July 19, 2012
Personal genomics to empower india
September 6, 2012

Indian startup XCode reads your DNA to predict disease risks

Juggling a hectic career as a software professional with the demands of bringing up her child left Deepa (second name withheld to protect identity) with little time for personal health concerns, until the day a colleague at work collapsed due to a heart attack. Deeply disturbed by the incident, she was determined to find out the chances of suffering a similar fate.

“I used to spend 8-10 hours in front of the computer, and after this incident I realised that tracking my own health risk was crucial,” says the 34-year-old, who set about trying to find an affordable personal genomic assessment.

Her search led to Xcode, a Chennai-based startup that genetically tests saliva to determine a person’s tendency to develop certain illnesses and suggest preventive healthcare measures.

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Xcode is a pioneer in personal genomics, focussed on enabling personalized preventive healthcare. We are dedicated to empowering physicians, wellness professionals and customers with the most validated, accurate and actionable genomic information to positively impact and improve their client’s health and quality of life.

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