Indian startup XCode reads your DNA to predict disease risks
August 29, 2012
Stroke: Causes, Treatment & Prevention
September 20, 2012

Personal genomics to empower india

Xcode Life Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology University, has been offering genomic services and mobile-based educational programs.

Personal genomics has the potential to revolutionize prognosis and treatment of diseases. Availability of a technology that can screen genetic information of a person and inform which diseases he or she may be susceptible to can go a long way to help doctors suggest lifestyle changes and preventative steps to a person. Moreover, if information on a person’s DNA is available, it can help decide which medicines to prescribe and avoid medicines that may have side-affects on the particular patient.

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Xcode is a pioneer in personal genomics, focussed on enabling personalized preventive healthcare. We are dedicated to empowering physicians, wellness professionals and customers with the most validated, accurate and actionable genomic information to positively impact and improve their client’s health and quality of life.

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