Xcode life sciences to offer preventive tests for diseases using Bioinformatics

The newly founded bioinformatics company, Xcode Life Sciences, of Dr Saleem is all set to offer preventive care of genetic diseases to all in the country. Saleem who is a scholar in bioinformatics says one can check or detect the propensity of genetic diseases in an individual by analysing raw data using bioinformatics.

Xcodes Life Sciences which was incubated with the support of Vellore Institute of Technology in the year 2010 in Chennai, has slowly started as an enterprise. The company has quickly tied up with molecular biology lab in Hyderabad and with a Canadian partner for carrying out raw tests and for product kit supply respectively.

The main objective and service provided by Xcode Life Sciences is to collect saliva samples from customers and check their risk probability for various diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular congestion and stroke.