1 out of 5 Indians have mutation in MTHFR gene, know if you are one of them

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The average frequencies of MTHFR mutations is relatively higher in the Indian population with one mutation (677T) having a frequency of 0.08% and another (1298C) being 20.66%(1 in 5) . A normal gene codes for a “healthy” enzyme that plays a vital role in converting folic acid into folate. Folate is the form of vitamin B9 that is usable by the body. Folate is vital for proper metabolism, muscle growth and plays a crucial role in the body’s toxin-eliminating capabilities. click here to know more
A normal MTHFR gene codes for a “healthy” enzyme that plays a vital role in converting folic acid into folate(form of vitamin B9).
Between 1 to 5 live births in India, per every 1000, has a condition likeneural tube defects that can be attributed to folate deficiency.
Hyperhomocysteinemia, an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, has been found in almost 80% of the Indian population.
These statistics put the Indian population at a variety of health risks associated with various mutations of the MTHFR gene.
MTHFR also plays an important role in DNA metabolism. A mutated MTHFR gene can cause a multitude of health problems.

What is the MTHFR genetic test?

This simple genetic test finds the variant of the MTHFR gene present in your cells. A mutation in the MTHFR gene may predispose an individual to an array of diseases that include cancers, cardiovascular diseases, fetal development problems, certain autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, migraines, nerve pain, glaucoma and psychiatric disorders (like Parkinson’s and dementia), among others.

MTHFR test – Information is your weapon!

The only way to find out if you have an MTHFR gene defect is through a simple genetic test. This test utilizes your saliva sample (or blood, in some instances) and checks if your MTHFR gene has a mutation or not.

The MTHFR lab test includes

1. DNA Test – We will analyze your DNA from your spit sample and send you a detailed report that contains information regarding your MTHFR genes – whether it is normal or mutation and if mutated, what kind of mutation it is.2. Tailored Advice – We analyze this data further to tell you how this mutation will affect you and what you need to do to overcome the deficiency, if any. Our nutrigenetic experts will advise you on dietary practices and any other lifestyle to follow.


Be Informed. Be Assured.

What you will learn from this test

Whether you have a normal MTHFR gene or a mutated one.
If you have a mutated MTHFR gene, what kind of mutation it is?
What, and how much, are the risks that this mutation poses to your health?
How to mitigate these risks through a tailored diet and exercise regimen and supplements, if necessary.

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