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At Xcode, we believe that the utility of genetic information is maximal when it is considered in the context of all other information about the individual such as medical, dietary, environmental, lifestyle, among others. Professional practitioners are best placed to make such an assessment.

Xcode has been partnering with professionals in medical, diet and nutrition, skin and hair care and other domains to personalize those practices through genomics. Our partners range from individual practices to national chains across various healthcare and wellness verticals across the globe. We offer end-to-end customization, including the report, kit customization, portal customization under your brand and logo.

We invite you to be part of our worldwide partner network powering personalized and precision healthcare and wellness practices for a happier and a healthier world.

Now, it is very simple to build personalized products for the end user using the advancements in Bioinformatics.

Leave the storage, processing and the science to us

Without burdening yourself with building an infrastructure from the scratch, leverage our expertise, workflow, and raw data analysis engine to deliver the best-personalized care and service to your clients. With the ability to handle anything from a few genotypes to whole genomes and from a few samples to a few hundred samples, Xcode’s capabilities are built to compliment your practice with genetic information in the best possible way.

Integrate genetics data into your business with our simple API

With many consumers now preferring online engagement and service delivery, it’s important to have the right tools to integrate genetics and other information into your web portal. With this in mind, we have developed a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable seamless flow information from our systems to your website on demand.

Your brand. Our process.

All of the powerful genetic analysis capabilities developed by Xcode Life are available to your customers in your brand and logo. We offer full white labeling and custom report design, site design capabilities and other customizations to our partners. Xcode Life is truly your one-stop partner for all your genetic requirements.

Genetic platform agnostic

Xcode Life is one of the few companies in the world that is truly platform agnostic. We accept data from any sequencing or genotyping platform including Illumina, Fluidigm, Pacific Bio, among others. Raw data undergoes several quality control steps to ensure the best possible interpretation of the raw data.

Lead your clients with surety

You would want to guide your clients with clarity. To be able to do this, we provide you training on the science, the genetic testing process, how to read our reports, among other aspects in the form of workshops. You will be empowered to handle all client queries. We also offer one-on-one consults with our genetic experts.

Be assured of data privacy and security

Data privacy is a key concern with any health data and particularly with genetic data. We have taken several steps including strict anonymization protocols and data security. Your data can be deleted anytime by requesting the same at

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