Health Genetics – Advanced DNA Test
August 12, 2016

Health Genetics – Basic DNA Test



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Personal genomics uses cutting edge technology to empower your life, analyzing the information in your DNA to help you take charge of your health. The insights obtained will be a source of learning to find out more about yourself, your health and your body’s preferences from a biological level.

The basic package includes any ONE module containing:

Nutrigenetics OR Fitness genetics OR Health genetics


Tailor the most important aspect of your lifestyle that may affect your risk for diseases- your nutrition. Understand the role of micro and macronutrients in your health by availing this personalized nutrition assessment.

The test will be useful if you wish to

  • Identify the best way to manage your weight
  • Find out your vitamin and mineral requirements
  • Determine if you have food intolerances
  • Be aware of your sensitivity to certain foods

Fitness Genetics

Stay fit and healthy with fitness genetics as it provides insights into your body’s athletic/ exercise potential. Get ready to improve your level of fitness, lose some extra flab and brim with confidence.

The test will be useful if you wish to

  • Lose weight efficiently
  • Get fit
  • Identify if you are built for speed or marathons
  • Lower your risk for injuries

Health Genetics

Forewarned is forearmed. Identifying your risk for diseases early may help you prevent them from occurring by suitably tailoring your diet and exercise. Health genetics brings to you the latest advances in genomic science which may be used to lead a healthier life.

The test will be useful if you would like to

  • Identify your risk for obesity
  • Find out your risk for diabetes
  • Seek your risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Determine potential risk for hypertension

How the test works

  • The kit can be ordered online
  • The sample can be collected at home at your convenience
  • We can organize the sample to be picked up from your house
  • The results will be available in 3 to 4 weeks
  • The report will include your risk for lactose intolerance and diet recommendations
  • You get a complimentary consultation with one of our experts

Other points to note

  • Kit contains Saliva Collection tube, submission form and an instruction manual
  • This is a one-time test