Personal Genome Service


  • INR: ₹31,766.21
  • INR: ₹31,766.21

Get to know you. Health and ancestry start here.

Our Personal Genome Service comes with a kit and three base reports – Nutrition, Fitness, and Health. You can choose all 3, or anyone to start with. Even if you choose one to start with, you can unlock the other two, anytime from your dashboard.

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Personal Genome Service $40.00
  • INR: ₹31,766.21
  • INR: ₹31,766.21

  • INR: ₹2,500.00
  • INR: ₹2,500.00
  • INR: ₹2,500.00
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  • Xcode DNA kit $110.00

    Required one time only for saliva sample collection. Your sample will be used to read your DNA code.


Know if your genes increase your risk of heart attacks, diabetes and high blood pressure

Family history is not destiny. Genetics allows you to uncover risk factors of preventable disease way ahead of time so that individuals can take preventive action to reduce the risk and lead a worry-free life.

Know if you carry genes that increase your risk of heart disease , diabetes and high blood pressure and take preventive action

Learning about genetic predisposition empowers you to take simple preventive steps that can significantly reduce your risk.

Gene Nutrition:

Type-2 diabetes mellitus

Individuals suffering from type-2 diabetes mellitus have an inability to use the insulin produced in the body. The gene TCF7L2 is strongest known genetic risk factor for type-2 diabetes. According to research, most of Type 2 Diabetes is preventable. Type 2 diabetes is largely due to excess body weight and a sedentary life-style. Hence genetic testing is an excellent way to prevent it from manifesting.


Obesity is accumulation of excessive fat and has been associated with several conditions. The FTO gene leads the way as a genetic risk marker, with 42% Caucasians, 5% Africans and 21% Asians harbouring the risk variant of FTO. Improper eating habits, lack of physical exercise, excessive screen time, irregular sleeping habits along with your genetic makeup are the most common obesity promoting factors.

Heart Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) or simply heart diseases, are a group of disorders that affect the heart and blood vessels. CVDs are the number one cause of death globally and more people die from CVDs than from any other cause. The most important behavioral risk factors for CVDs are, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, tobacco use and excessive alcohol intake. About 85% of the general population carries the variant of the MTHFR that is associated with higher blood homocysteine which is an independent risk factor for CVDs.


Hypertension is a condition in which the blood vessels have a persistently raised blood pressure. Hypertension is often called the “silent killer”, since most people with hypertension do not show any symptoms. The ACE gene that encodes the ACE enzyme which plays a role in regulating blood pressure has a risk variant that predisposes its carriers to hypertension. 50% Africans and Caucasians and 40% Asians are said to have the risk allele.

How will genetic testing help me?

All the four diseases have a strong genetic link, are dormant and can be prevented if detected early. According to WHO, 80% of premature heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are preventable. A genetic test will help you know if you have inherited the risky gene variants. Increased monitoring, proactive lifestyle choices can significantly reduce this risk. Understanding your genetic profile helps you, your family and your physician adopt the best preventive and proactive health practices that can greatly reduce the risks and improve your quality of life.

There are three probable results:

Average Genetic Risk: You do not have an exceptional propensity to the disease. Your risk is the same as that of the baseline risk.

Moderately High Genetic Risk: You are more prone to the disease than the general population. Consult your physician as to the necessary steps to be taken such as dietary measures and lifestyle choices.

High Genetic Risk:  You harbor a higher than average genetic risk. Its recommended that you speak to your doctor or specialists such as an endocrinologist or a cardiologist who will help you take the necessary precaution and guide you with risk reduction strategies.

Get direction and support from our team of counselors

Genetic counselors are trained to help you make informed decisions with regards to your health. It's not about good or bad genes. It's about drawing up your own unique road map to your goals, guided by your genes.

The Process

You are steps away from making use of ground breaking genetic research for your health

  • Order your at Home DNA test kit

    Xcode Life provides you with a complete at home DNA sample collection kit.

  • Collect saliva and call us for sample pickup

    Pack your sample in the box provided and call us at +91-95432-89999

  • Receive your results

    View your results online in the Xcode dashboard

The Xcode DNA kit

For us to be able to decode your DNA we need your saliva sample. This at home DNA test kit contains all the essentials that you need to collect your saliva sample from the comfort of your home.

The Xcode DNA kit

To capture the information stored in your DNA, we need to collect your saliva sample. The Xcode Life at home DNA test kit has everything you need to provide that sample from the comfort of your own home.

A unique Kit ID you’ll use to register your kit

The Science

Genetic information is generated by a wide variety of scientific studies. Hundreds of scientific publications are published every year documenting genetic studies on a variety of conditions. Our scientific team selects those publications that match our quality criteria and organizes this information in a systematic way in the form of reports. Your genetic raw data is processed through our AI and Machine learning systems and matched with our databases to produce your Nutrition, Health, Fitness and other reports.


Besides your genetics, your healthy food choices, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices will help you stay fit and healthy.


  • Xcode does not provide any direct medical advice to individuals and the reports are to be interpreted only by qualified medical/healthcare professionals.

  • Genetic information must always be considered in conjunction with other information about your health such as lifestyle, family history, biomedical data, nutrition, physical activity etc.

  • Genetic information is subject to revision based on latest advances in scientific research.

  • Genetic interpretations are based on the results of population studies and observations at the population level may not always be observable at an individual level due to individual factors

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Additional information

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