Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi
September 19, 2016
Mr. Kumar
October 7, 2016

Mr. Chatterjee

At 164 cms and 86 kgs, Mr. Chatterjee, a 40 year old Paypal employee, had a sedentary job with many complications associated with obesity when he enrolled into our weight management program. He began to see results right away, with a 1.5 kilo weight loss the very first week. He continued to lose weight fairly steadily and lost about 4 kilos in 45 days, and reported inch loss (felt the difference while wearing pants). He could now fit into a pant with waist size 38” from 40”, and despite having hypothyroidism, he continued to lose weight. In addition to the obvious benefits of enhanced self-esteem and healthier eating habits, this client enjoys some very important, perhaps life-saving, health benefits. His blood pressure is now under control; he is now able to regulate his satiety response and do an effective portion control. His lipid levels have improved quite significantly, triglyceride levels dropped to 248 mg/dl. In addition, his daily activity levels improved from zero to 30 minutes (20 minutes of tread mill & 10 minutes of cycling).

James Watson
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