Roy Fernando
July 5, 2016
Anil Mahajan
August 1, 2016


Gupta enrolled in our program in the month of October 2015, had moved to Singapore recently. His major complaint was weight regain and weighed about 91kgs when he started the program. His job demands extensive travel and as a result of which he kept adding kilos, which he was hopeless about. Post to his counselling session, his awareness levels improved on how he metabolises different nutrients and thereby he started making changes to his diet accordingly. He was also made aware about his high salt sensitivity and lactose intolerance. And he showed immense interest and had a participatory approach and kept communicating to us on a weekly basis and was willing to apply different strategies like intermittent fasting, carb cycling and tried eliminating added sugars. He had a genetic tendency to lose weight efficiently in response to exercise and to add to this fact he lost about 1.5 kilos every week totalling up to 6 kgs weight loss per month. He had lost about 12 kgs in a period of 75 days.

James Watson
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