Mr. Chatterjee
October 7, 2016

Mr. Kumar

Mr. Kumar travels constantly and is surrounded by unhealthy food choices at events and does not have a lot of time for exercise. Despite these concerns, at age 42, Kumar didn’t want to go through another year feeling like was doing everything he could to optimise his health for the sake of himself and his family.  Based on the genetic assessment results, he made dietary modifications of switching over from refined carbohydrate based meals to complex carbs like brown rice and wheat rava and ensured that he added 8-10 cloves of garlic in his daily diet. In addition, he was able to overcome his craving for pizzas, which he usually ate 1-2 times a month earlier and now has completely stopped and keen on trying healthier options such as soups and salads.  Between August & November, Mr. Kumar was committed to changing his life for the better and his dedication was rewarded almost immediately when he lost 5 kilos & lowered his triglycerides to 217.6 mg/dl.

James Watson
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