August 1, 2016

Roy Fernando

Since May 2015, Roy Fernando, 56 year old man committed himself to lose weight by eating healthily and exercising. Speaking of his decision to lose weight, Roy said: “I have been overweight all of my adult life and now, I want to lose some weight & simply wanted to be fit and healthy”. Knowing that he is slow metabolizer of caffeine from the genetic assessment, he reduced his caffeine intake from 2-4 cups of coffee to 1-2 cups of coffee. His serving sizes of vegetables, especially vegetable salads significantly improved from none to 4 days a week. And he started to add a variety to his diet, especially tries alternating with oats, millets and whole grains instead of idlies and dosa – changes observed after the counselling session. Mr. Fernando’s determination and motivation had helped him to lose about 3 kgs and body mass index dropped to 28.66. This change helped him to maintain an active lifestyle and he finds yoga to be more fun and energising than ever before. His lifestyle changes had brought in a positive attitude in him.

James Watson
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