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Start by choosing a report from our offerings. Single reports as well as bundle packs are available.

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We accept DNA data from all major ancestry and genetic testing companies. Full list of accepted formats.

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Your results will be ready within a few minutes. You will receive an email once your reports are ready.

Protecting Your Data

Learn in more detail about how your DNA data is processed to create your reports, and how you can delete your raw data from our servers anytime including being able to delete your entire account.
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Analyzing Your Data

Learn how we generate your reports. Our analysis is compatible with raw data from all major genetic testing companies. We accept a range of data from ancestry testing data to whole genome sequencing data.
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How to analyze your DNA raw data

Getting Started

If you are all set and ready to go, this section will walk you through the steps. Pick your reports, upload your data, and get your reports in a few minutes. As simple as that.
Get Started
Use Your 23andMe DNA Raw Data to Analyze Your Genetic Risk For Diabetes COVID

What You Should Know Before Buying A Genetic Test

Consumer genetic reports are for informational purposes only. The results in consumer genetic reports are not intended for diagnostic use. Human traits are influenced by our genes, our environment, and our lifestyle choices. Hence, genetic trait information must be considered alongside your non-genetic information to fully understand the manifestation of your traits.
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