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In-depth insights on your diet, fitness, health & ancestry


Xcode Life Ancestry Analysis

Explore your DNA raw data files from 23andMe, Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage. Search for rsIDs, diseases or by gene names
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Simple & In-Depth Reports

Our health and wellness reports cover more than 700 human traits spanning Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, Health, Allergies, Personality and Mental Health, Methylation and MTHFR and more. Get health insights from your 23andme Ancestry data
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Three Simple Steps

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Order The Kit

Place an order from our website for a sample collection kit and the report of your choice.
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Collect Your Sample

Follow the simple instructions in this video on how to collect your saliva sample.
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Discover Yourself

Your results will be available in 4-6 weeks. Login to your account and start discovering yourself.

Personalized Blogs

Your DNA is about you. Why read irrelevant information? Our personalized blogs written by qualified professionals bring you the latest information about your genetic type.
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Your Privacy Is Our Priority

At Xcode Life we never share your information with third parties, even anonymously. You are always in charge of your information.

What Our Users Say

Listen to real stories from our users. At Xcode Life users are the #1 priority. Join our growing list of users who have changed their life with health and ancestry insights using our genetic testing service.
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