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In-depth insights on your diet, fitness, health & ancestry

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Xcode Life Ancestry Analysis

Explore your Ancestry. Xcode Life Ancestry analysis provides insights on ethnic makeup, paternal and maternal lineages, and DNA shared with archaic humans, who lived 45,000 years ago. 
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Simple & In-Depth Reports

Our health and wellness reports cover more than 700 human traits spanning Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, Health, Allergies, Personality and Mental Health, Methylation and MTHFR and more. Get health insights from your DNA data
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Place an order from our website for a sample collection kit and the report of your choice.
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Follow the simple instructions in this video on how to collect your saliva sample.
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Your results will be available in 3-4 weeks. Login to your account and start discovering yourself.


Your DNA is about you. Why read irrelevant information? Our blogs written by qualified professionals bring you the latest information on genetic health.
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Your Privacy Is Our Priority

At Xcode Life we never share your information with third parties, even anonymously. You are always in charge of your information.
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What Our Users Say

Listen to real stories from our users. At Xcode Life users are the #1 priority. Join our growing list of users who have changed their life with health and ancestry insights using our genetic testing service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my genetic reports from Xcode Life?

Among the companies offering DNA health insights, Xcode Life has the largest portfolio of genetic trait reports. Xcode Life's scientific team curates information from authentic research publications and presents this information as actionable wellness insights in your reports. Xcode Life also offers a wide variety of tests ranging from genotyping (ancestry tests) to Whole Genome Sequencing.

What I should know before I purchase genetic reports

Consumer genetic reports are for informational purposes only. The results in consumer genetic reports are not intended for diagnostic use. Human traits are influenced by our genes, our environment, and our lifestyle choices. Hence, genetic trait information must be considered alongside your non-genetic information to fully understand the manifestation of your traits.

Is my account and information safe?

At Xcode Life user privacy and security are given the highest priority. We do not sell or share user information even anonymously with third party companies. You are in charge of your data at all times. You can delete your files and even delete your entire account.

How is the information in my report generated?

The information contained in your report is curated from peer-reviewed scientific research studies. Our scientific team reviews the nature and strength of association and allocates appropriate weightage to each marker. The genetic predisposition is then augmented with actionable insights, where applicable, to help the user adopt beneficial dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Can I delete my information whenever I want?

You have full control over your data. You can delete all your information including all files and even your account can be deleted.

How does Xcode Life protect user privacy?

Please review our complete privacy statement on our Privacy page.

Is it possible to get health information from ancestry tests?

Ancestry tests generate approximately 800,000 gene markers. These markers not only contain your ancestry information, but also contain a large amount health related information. In fact, most ancestry companies now use a gene testing chip specifically designed for health reports, with ancestry markers added to it. So the bulk of the ancestry test data is actually health related data. At Xcode Life, we offer more than 15 different types of health and wellness reports containing more than 700 traits. We continue to add reports to our offerings on a regular basis.

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