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Genetic Predisposition

Health predisposition

Using our state-of-the-art DNA service, find out your genetic risk against chronic lifestyle conditions and take targeted steps to protect against them.

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Nutrigenetics - Dna Test Cost


Take advantage of a truly personalized diet based on your genetic analysis. Find out how your body responds to carbohydrates, fats, lactose, gluten, caffeine, salt, etc.

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Genetic Fitness - Dna Test Price

Fitness genetics

Let our DNA service guide you on the exercises best suited to you, how you can reduce recurrence of injuries and achieve peak performance.

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Skin genetics

Through the skin genetics test, you can uncover the secrets to a beautiful you. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your skin, you can embark upon a customized beauty regimen that helps reveal your flawless self.

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Our DNA services are available globally online and through partner centers in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi.

Success stories

  • Roy Fernando
    Since May 2015, Roy Fernando, 56 year old man committed himself to lose weight by eating healthily and exercising. Speaking of his decision to lose weight, Roy said: “I have been overweight all of my adult life and now, I want to lose some weight & simply wanted to be fit and healthy”. Knowing that he is slow metabolizer of caffeine from the genetic assessment, he reduced his caffeine intake from 2-4 cups of coffee to 1-2 cups of coffee. His serving sizes of vegetables, especially vegetable salads significantly improved from none to 4 days a week. And he started to add a variety to his diet, especially tries alternating with oats, millets and whole grains instead of idlies and dosa – changes observed after the counselling session. Mr. Fernando’s determination and motivation had helped him to lose about 3 kgs and body mass index dropped to 28.66. This change helped him to maintain an active lifestyle and he finds yoga to be more fun and energising than ever before. His lifestyle changes had brought in a positive attitude in him.
    Roy Fernando
  • Gupta
    Gupta enrolled in our program in the month of October 2015, had moved to Singapore recently. His major complaint was weight regain and weighed about 91kgs when he started the program. His job demands extensive travel and as a result of which he kept adding kilos, which he was hopeless about. Post to his counselling session, his awareness levels improved on how he metabolises different nutrients and thereby he started making changes to his diet accordingly. He was also made aware about his high salt sensitivity and lactose intolerance. And he showed immense interest and had a participatory approach and kept communicating to us on a weekly basis and was willing to apply different strategies like intermittent fasting, carb cycling and tried eliminating added sugars. He had a genetic tendency to lose weight efficiently in response to exercise and to add to this fact he lost about 1.5 kilos every week totalling up to 6 kgs weight loss per month. He had lost about 12 kgs in a period of 75 days.
  • Anil Mahajan
    Anil Mahajan, a 63 year old man came to us to lose excess body weight that he had been struggling for 15 years. He had other medical problems such as high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol levels and prostate gland enlargement. He enrolled in our program on the 10th of June 2015, weighed around 115.8 kgs and his BMI was 37.4, thereby, falling in the category of grade II obesity. His goal was to move to grade I obesity. Strict adherence to gene based dietary advice had helped him to lose 13.8 kgs in 5 months. In addition to the obvious benefits of losing those extra kilos, he enjoys enhanced confidence level, improved stamina and feels light and active.
    Anil Mahajan
  • Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi
    Xcode’s nutrigenetic test is a valuable tool in my practice! The concept of personalised nutrition is all about how an individual responds to nutrients and knowing this information will enable them to take necessary corrective steps towards maintaining optimal health. I find this report to be very useful in treating my clients with weight management related issues. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone
    Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi
    DNA Diet
  • Mr. Chatterjee
    At 164 cms and 86 kgs, Mr. Chatterjee, a 40 year old Paypal employee, had a sedentary job with many complications associated with obesity when he enrolled into our weight management program. He began to see results right away, with a 1.5 kilo weight loss the very first week. He continued to lose weight fairly steadily and lost about 4 kilos in 45 days, and reported inch loss (felt the difference while wearing pants). He could now fit into a pant with waist size 38” from 40”, and despite having hypothyroidism, he continued to lose weight. In addition to the obvious benefits of enhanced self-esteem and healthier eating habits, this client enjoys some very important, perhaps life-saving, health benefits. His blood pressure is now under control; he is now able to regulate his satiety response and do an effective portion control. His lipid levels have improved quite significantly, triglyceride levels dropped to 248 mg/dl. In addition, his daily activity levels improved from zero to 30 minutes (20 minutes of tread mill & 10 minutes of cycling).
    Mr. Chatterjee
  • Mr. Kumar
    Mr. Kumar travels constantly and is surrounded by unhealthy food choices at events and does not have a lot of time for exercise. Despite these concerns, at age 42, Kumar didn’t want to go through another year feeling like was doing everything he could to optimise his health for the sake of himself and his family.  Based on the genetic assessment results, he made dietary modifications of switching over from refined carbohydrate based meals to complex carbs like brown rice and wheat rava and ensured that he added 8-10 cloves of garlic in his daily diet. In addition, he was able to overcome his craving for pizzas, which he usually ate 1-2 times a month earlier and now has completely stopped and keen on trying healthier options such as soups and salads.  Between August & November, Mr. Kumar was committed to changing his life for the better and his dedication was rewarded almost immediately when he lost 5 kilos & lowered his triglycerides to 217.6 mg/dl.
    Mr. Kumar

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