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Certain genetic markers are associated with a particular geographical location. For example, if your test says you have 60 South Indian ancestry, it means that you share genetic markers with South Indian individuals. These shared markers indicate ancestors from the same place - South India.

The Ancestry Report has five sections; maternal haplogroup, paternal haplogroup, global ancestry, Indian ancestry, and archaic human content.
Price: INR 10,900 with saliva kit
Xcode Life ancestry

Global Ancestry

Global ancestry prediction maps you to specific global populations (example, South Asian). Our advanced bioinformatics algorithms can also tell about your genetic similarity with people from each of the global regions.

Indian Ancestry

Indian ancestry maps your similarity to various groups in the Indian population. The present Indian population is a genetic admixture of Ancestral North Indians, Ancestral South Indians, Ancestral Austro-Asiatic (AAA), Ancestral Tibeto-Burman (ATB) and Ancient Ancestral South Indians.


A haplogroup is a genetic population group who share a common ancestor paternally (inherited from father) or maternally (inherited from mother).

Archaic human content

Fascinating insights into how much percentage of your DNA matches that of the archaic humans- Neanderthals and Denisovans. 
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