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May 4, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Know Your Genes: GABPB1 “ The Energy Gene”

Aerobic Capacity

GAbinding protein (GABP) transcription factor gene, also known as the Nuclear Respiratory Factor 2 (NRF2) gene is associated with the synthesis of GABPB1, a key transcriptional activator of numerous nuclear genes which produce various mitochondrial enzymes. The variants of the GABPB1 gene that code for the beta1 subunit of NRF2 protein have been shown to be associated with endurance. Specific alleles of this gene are known to either increase or decrease GABPB1 which stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis upon exercising.

Association with Running:

A study conducted on track and field athletes showed that people with the A variant of the gene were more common among endurance athletes than non-athletes. In a similar study conducted on elite endurance, elite power and non-athletes, it was found that people with the A variant were found to be more common among elite endurance athletes.

Association with Aerobic Capacity:

People with the A variant of the gene were associated with better baseline aerobic capacity and an increase in VO2 max upon aerobic training, when compared with people with the C variant of the gene.



  • [Advantage] More likely to improve VO2 max on training
  • [Advantage] More likely to have better aerobic capacity
  • [Advantage] Better endurance ability
  • Moderate endurance and moderate aerobic capacity
  • [Limitation]Less likely to improve VO2 max on training
  • [Limitation] More likely to have lower aerobic capacity
  • [Limitation] Lower endurance ability than people with the A variant


How can this information be used?

It is important to choose an appropriate diet based on the genetic profile


For people with A variant (Better Endurance)

  • Likely better at endurance running and better aerobic capacity.
  • Tennis, dancing and participating in marathons are some endurance based activities


For people with G variant (Lower Endurance)

  • Likely poor at endurance running
  • Endurance based activities would require additional training and more effort.


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Nutrigenetics, fitness genetics, health genetics are all nascent but rapidly growing areas within human genetics. The information provided herein is based on preliminary scientific studies and it is to be read and understood in that context.”


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