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Genetic Testing Kits with Reports

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5 reviews for Genetic Testing Kits with Reports

  1. Hema Priya

    Interesting information in the ancestry report. Was fun learning about my neanderthal ancestry components.

  2. Yash

    I recommended the gene nutrition report to my clients. With the results, I was able to recommend them diet plans for weight maintenance and muscle building.

  3. Michael

    The Fitness report is very useful. Even my family members also buy this products and get more information on there reports.

  4. Sahana

    The nutrition report is very informative. Was very happy with the continued assistance provided from ordering the product to explaining the reports. Will definitely buy more products in future.

  5. Tara

    Great product. The Ancestry report has such detailed information. The Archaic human content section made for a fascinating read!

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Genetic Testing Kits with Reports


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